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Below are real life stories from people who have been a victim of various cyber related crime issues.


disgruntled businessman

A business’ IT team has noticed that the speed of its website has suddenly started to slow dramatically, before they start receiving reports that the website is totally inaccessible by any customer. They realise that they are the victim of a Direct Denial of Service attack (DDoS) and had not mitigated for this type of […]

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person typing on laptop

A College’s finance team receive an email, purporting to be from the CEO who is based in another office, asking for a payment to be made to a supplier of £10,000, stating it is urgent and for consultation work they have already done. Even though it is unlike the CEO to make requests in this […]

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Computer software fraud

woman browsing internet on her laptop

James is contacted by telephone from someone stating they work for Microsoft, claiming their computer has been hacked and that a technician will now help them on what to do next. The ‘Technician’ then instructed James to turn his computer on, log into their email account and click on a link which has been emailed […]

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Romance Fraud

businessman looking into the distance

Olivia starts talking to a man called Shaun on a popular dating app who says he lives at the other side of the country. After building up a connection over several weeks, Shaun says that he will visit Olivia but needs money for petrol, which Olivia is happy to pay. Not long before the date […]

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