disgruntled businessman


A business’ IT team has noticed that the speed of its website has suddenly started to slow dramatically, before they start receiving reports that the website is totally inaccessible by any customer.

They realise that they are the victim of a Direct Denial of Service attack (DDoS) and had not mitigated for this type of attack by putting the relevant protections in place, meaning the impact is much more severe than it might have been.

Their website remained down for over 24 hours and, as an online based business with a large e-commerce section, the lost revenue from this would already be known to be extremely high. This is before the costs of the aftermath.


By failing to have the correct technical IT protections in place, the business left themselves more open to this form of attack than they needed to be. DDoS involves forcing a website to think there is a huge spike in traffic meaning that is ultimately crashes, which means that legitimate visitors are unable to access the site and make transactions.

This results in lost revenue along with the potential loss of customer faith and the impact this could have going forward.