Are you at risk from a cyber crime?

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Take our Cyber Risk test to assess what you need to do to be secure online


Do you use the same password for all of your secure online transactions?

Do you use a combination of letters and symbols that are over 10 characters long for your password?

Does anybody else know your passwords?

Do you write any of your passwords down?

Do you update your software and apps regularly on all your devices?

Do you use a screen lock on your tablet or smartphone?

Do you check every website link that you receive before clicking on it?

Do you use public wifi hotspots when transferring private information like bank details or pin numbers?

Do you always back up your important data like your photos and key documents on an external drive?

Do you have a jailbroken phone that has turned off some of your software restriction?

Do you use virus protection and security software on your computer?

Do you always log out of a website or a transactional account when you are purchasing online services or goods?

Do you turn off your wifi connection when you don’t need it

Do you check that all the apps and software you are downloading are from reputable and established sources?


Do you and your employees or customers access your internal system from remote locations and/or work off a wireless network? Do they access from personal and/or company owned devices?

Does your organisation use the cloud to store information?

Are your critical operation systems connected to a public network?

Do you, or any other member of staff, use computers or mobile devices to access bank accounts or transfer money?

Do you store sensitive data on your system such as intellectual property or financial reports that could damage your company if it was stolen?

Do you store sensitive customer or employee information on your system?

Do your employees ever neglect policies around the appropriate use of the internet, emails or their work computer?

Can your building be accessed without the use of an ID card?

Do employees have the option to opt out of network security training at your organisation?

Do employees have the option to use their company-issued devices or computers without creating their own secure password?

Has your IT department ever failed to install software updates or patches?

Would your organisation lose critical information in the event of a system failure or other network issue?

Could your business be sustained beyond 10 days without access to business-critical information?